Welcome to this seconf Editorial of AC PLAY, the Catholic news and entertainment portal produced by Aguas Claras Misión

Before talking about the feast of Pentecost we want to thank you and the more than 6200 people who have joined our portal in these first 2 weeks. We are surprised because they have joined from more than 32 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. They have joined to enjoy the release of songs, video clips, trailers and everything we have prepared. Again THANK YOU for sharing what we are producing and selecting for all of you.

And we AC PLAY want to wish you a very happy Pentecost! Today is a day to celebrate, with joy, the birth of our Church. A Church that walks, in the same heart, with different realities. Today in the world we are going through this pandemic that has us locked up, as were the apostles and disciples until the Holy Spirit came, who filled them with courage. And today we ask Him to fill us with courage, to encourage us to go beyond the obstacles, to transcend all that lulls us. We also ask him to blow and free us, to ignite our faith, to encourage us to pray more, to preach and to bring the Gospel to other people, in new and creative ways, trying to "be in the world, but not of the world".

Today is also a day for you to come closer to Mary, in praying the Rosary, and for her to show you what it is like to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. That she guides us, that she protects us, that she strengthens us and that she encourages us more, when it seems that the light is no longer there. There, where it seems that nothing is possible anymore, the Holy Spirit ignites our faith and leads us with what God already has in mind on our path.

We wish AC PLAY you a very happy Pentecost and may the Holy Spirit ignite you and renew your faith.