The director of Goya Productions, Andrés Garrigó, tells us all about the new film of the Holy Rosary in an exclusive interview!

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If the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima left us anything, it was the importance of praying the Holy Rosary daily, since "When we pray the Rosary with love, heaven opens up and many graces are poured out on the people who pray it. And it is precisely the Rosary that is the central theme of the latest film distributed by Goya.

After having launched, "Fatima, the Last Mystery" and "Burning Heart", the outstanding Catholic production company "Goya" goes for more with its last release in Spanish: "Power un my hands". A film that seeks to deepen this powerful "weapon" that gives us the answer to this spiritual crisis that prevails in today's society.

"It's a technically very modern film with beautiful images and moving testimonials. It conveys confidence in the promises of Our Lady who, in her apparitions, especially in Fatima, invites us to pray the rosary every day. Today this is what Pope Francisco insistently repeats to us now, like all his predecessors before him," tells us the founder of Goya, Andrés Garrigó.

It also adds that "The rosary is the prayer that our Mother loves mostand that it is within the reach of the most humble. She gets everything from her Son, she is the supplicant omnipotence. And this power is transmitted to us, we have it in our hands when we are shelling the rosary beads."

From being La Vanguardia and ABC's correspondent for European affairs, to founding Goya productions


The film has specially selected testimonies that sincerely narrate the fruits they have obtained from praying the Rosary, living experiences. In this 80 minute documentary you can see how These prayers have helped to solve personal or family problems and at the same time they have been an antidote to the threats to the Church, to the faith, especially in times of crisis.

"It is very necessary now when crises are multiplying: health, economic, moral... A very novel message of this film is the need to involve men in the "brave" prayer of the rosary at a time when masculinity is being questioned, despite the macho culture. That is why the rosary in the family has even more value, if possible," says Garrigó, who decades ago was the director of the international agency "Europe Today", specialized in Family and Life issues.

Without a doubt, what Goya proposes is always the most expected. In these two decades of life, his documentaries have been dubbed or translated into more than twenty different languages and hundreds of thousands of people have come to see his films in cinemas in Europe and America, while his projects continue to multiply.

A great contributor to the prayer of the Rosary was St. John Paul II, author of the Apostolic Letter on the Rosary "Rosarium Virginis Mariae".

This is not the first time Goya Productions has addressed the subject of the rosary. Years ago it launched "Fatima, the Last Mystery" and distributed the Polish film "Stories of the Rosary". However, for Garrigó, "The theme is not exhausted, and it is urgent to make it known."
Regarding the participation of the Church in the film, Garrigó tells us that "The support of the Church for these initiatives is a fact and it is enough to read the Pope. But if he refers to financial support, it does not exist. Our duty as laity is to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. That does not mean that Catholics, alone or associated in parishes or communities, do not help to spread films that bring God and his Blessed Mother closer.

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